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Heavy Equipment

USA-Dealer is an American trading company dealing in heavy equipment, cranes, commercial trucks, construction equipment parts, trailers, attachments.

Whether you are a local customer looking for a trailer or a customer on a customer in the middle east looking for a crane, we are here to to help you. Yes, we help you to load your containers and ensure your equipment will arrive safe.
Industrial Sewing Machines & Pattern Making Suppplies

We have been in the business of sewing machines for decades. Through out the years, we have become of the largest suppliers of sewing machines in Los Angeles California. We carry many brands, types of sewing machines.

We have added to our inventory a great selection of pattern making supplies, such as rulers, scissors, pattern making paper and more.
General Merchandise

Hundreds of items are on sale at our section for general merchandise. We have many items to sale as well as we buy complete factories to liquidate their items. So, their loss is your gain.

In our inventory you may find from one typewriter to a set of water skies.

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Trucks, Vechicles, & Motorcycles

Looking for a reliable vehicle and at the same time a good price? You are in the right place. Day to day we receive merchandise from many sources, and it includes:

* Trucks for heavy construction
* Passenger Vehicles
* Light Trucks
* Motorcycles
Radio Jadeed - An Internet Radio Station

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USA-Dealer Our company is dedicated to the sales in the United States and abroad of heavy construction equipment. Our inventory changes daily and more products are added daily for good deals. We specialize in the export of our products around the world. For your convenience we load the products that you purchase from us inside the contianer free of charge. Do you need an specific machine and is not in our inventory pages? Please contact us and we will locate it for you.